bpr 512
{Original icon from Svengraph}


BPR is a tool to facilitate quick updates on XML files included in RS packages.

With BPR you can only :

  • Unpack and repack a package (need a valid RSToolkit install)
  • Add or remove DD on a track (need a valid RSToolkit install with DDC)
  • Modify rhythm informations (measures, beats, time signature, bpm)
  • Modify sections and phrases

For all other kind of modifications you need to use EOF.

If the CDLC is totally out of sync (notes are not in sync with the soundtrack), don’t waste your time with this tool ! You should recreate the CDLC from scratch …

BPR known limitations for the beta release are :

  • Only for Windows 32 bit compatible systems
  • Works only with RS packages for PC or Mac
  • There is no undo and redo functionality
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