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Windows : BPR_v0.3

Release Notes

Update v0.3 (03/06/2015)

  •  New functionality to update Score Attack levels.
  •  New XML comment added to trace BPR modifications.
  •  New functionality to show or hide similar measures.
  •  New functionality to show or hide similar phrases.
  •  New graphical indicator for changes in time signature.
  •  New statistics about synchronized events.
  •  Contextual menu items reordered in same manner as main menu items.
  •  Fixed bug : Detailed informations may not be refreshed when updating a section or a phrase.
  •  Fixed bug : Synced beats may not be displayed in blue.
  •  Fixed bug : Update BPM may generate an incomplete measure at the end.
  •  Fixed bug : Translate action may generate disorder in the following measures if a locked measure exists.

  Update v0.2 (10/04/2015)

  •  Fixed bug : XML prolog was missing when saving the file.
  •  Fixed bug : Error when trying to delete the before last measure.
  •  Fixed bug : Sections and phrases may be out of sync after a reset of BPM.
  •  Fixed bug : DD levels were not reset to 0 when necessary.
  •  [Help][About] added to display the version

Update v0.1 (01/04/2015)

  •  Initial Release