To unpack a CDLC, use [File][Unpack] menu and choose the “psarc” file.
A new subfolder is created inside the BPR root folder. This subfolder contains all unpacked files.
BPR will only update these unpacked files, so you can keep safe the original package.

Select an unpacked song

Once you have unpacked several CDLCs, you can change the current folder and the current track by using the two list items which are located on the left, under the main menu.


To repack the current folder, use the [File][Pack] menu and choose a file name and a location for the new CDLC (you can overwrite the original one if you want).

Remove an unpacked song

Once a CDLC has been repacked, you can remove the subfolder and all files it contains.
To remove the current folder use the [File][Delete Folder] menu.