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Release Notes

Update v3.1 (02/10/2016)

  • The order of XML attributes has changed for note, chordNote and handShape tags
  • The feature that automatically adjusts the sustain of notes has been removed
  • Fixed bug : DDC may crash during the check of overlapping sustains

Update v3.0 (01/02/2016)

  • The chords without chord notes are now supported
  • New process to add measure 0 at time 0.000 when startBeat is greater than 0.000
  • New process to keep the highDensity value as defined in EOF
  • Fixed bug : HighDensity status can be overrided with a wrong value

Update v2.9 (23/01/2016)

  • New logic to avoid the split of existing handShapes when the new phrases are generated
  • New process to allow excotic handShape phrases
  • New check to remove handShapes which are empty
  • New logic to allow handShapes without a valid chordTemplate reference
  • Fixed bug : Start time of the first handShape in a phrase may be greater than the phrase start time
  • Fixed bug : HandShape with no visible note inside maybe generated
  • Fixed bug : DDC may crash if duplicate nodes are found in the XML file
  • Fixed bug : The highDensity attribute was not recomputed for lower levels of difficulty

Update v2.8 (06/12/2015)

  • Single distinct notes which are located on the same time position are now managed like a chord if they are associated with a handShape and a chordTemplate.
  • The transcriptionTrack generation process has been modified to manage multiple notes on the same time position.
  • New check about the maximum number of phrases and automatic increase of the phrase length parameter if possible.
  • New process for increasing the phrase length parameter if the maximum number of phrases will be reached (new parameter in the config file to define this limit).
  • New process for detecting similar phrases (similarities are now computed by measure).
  • New process for detecting duplicate events on a same time position and to avoid a crash of DDC (only the first occurrence is kept by time position).
  • Fixed bug : TranscriptionTrack generation may produce events in the wrong order based on their time position (when the highest level has less events than the lower levels).
  • Fixed bug : Always add the first event of each phrase in the first level of difficulty to avoid a crash in RR.

Update v2.7 (06/04/2015)

  • Fixed bug : XML prolog was missing in the result XML files.

Update v2.6 (31/01/2015)

  • New default value for the phrase length parameter (4).
  • Fixed bug : DDC may generate a wrong value in the “count” attributes when it merges all existing difficulties to create the “transcriptionTrack” tag.
  • Fixed bug : The highest level of difficulty is not use when DDC merges all existing difficulties to create the “transcriptionTrack” tag.
  • Fixed bug : A measure may be not protected by a preceding one if it contains a new sequence of linked notes.

Update v2.5 (05/07/2014)

  • New process to merge all levels of existing Dynamic Difficulty if the “transcriptionTrack” tag is empty.
  • Notes and chords sustain are now considered if they overlap two or more measures (prevent the creation of empty phrases which break the handshapes length).
  • Fixed bug : DDC error when the number of chordNodes is lower than the number of frets defined in the chordTemplate

Update v2.4 (13/06/2014)

  • New categorization process to allow multiple time signatures.
  • New notation to define the ramp up models.
  • New configuration file (ddc_default.cfg) to allow the modification of internal parameters (category and subcategory maps, merging levels, linked diff.).
  • New parameter to specify the configuration file to use.
  • New checks and associated warnings about the categorization process.
  • New merging process to reduce the number of difficulty levels (separate from the DD generation step).
  • New view of difficulty levels in the log file for a better differentiation of the levels before and after the merging process.
  • Fixed bug : Adjacent levels of difficulty may be wrongly merged together.

Update v2.3 (13/06/2014)

  • Fixed bug : Some adjacent measures are wrongly protected in the same phrase.

Update v2.2 (15/03/2014)

  • Synchronize events on the timeline before generating the new phrases.
  • Protect adjacent measures in the same phrase if they contain a sequence of linked notes.
  • Generate a warning if a sequence of linked notes overlaps two sections or two subsections.
  • Fixed bug : Last chord may be missing.
  • Fixed bug : New phrase can be created with only one empty measure.

Update v2.1 (15/02/2014)

  • Auto-adjustment to the previous main beat for each section and phrase iteration which is not placed on the main beat of a measure.
  • DDC now allows handShape’s end time equals to the start time of the following one.
  • Fixed bug : Technics on chords can be lost if the chord is the first one in the current phrase iteration.
  • Fixed bug : Chord notes may be missing if the chord is the first one in the handShape in the current level of difficulty.
  • Fixed bug : First chord reference in a sequence may be the wrong and chord note technics may appear or disappear.
  • Fixed bug : Phrase length parameter can be ignored when only the last measure of the current phrase is empty.
  • Fixed bug : Linked notes can be ignored when two notes have the same time position.
  • Fixed bug : First section may be missing.

Update v2.0 (24/01/2014)

  • New display of DD levels in the log file to facilitate the DDC process check.
  • DDC now supports anchors on the secondary beats of a measure.
  • New logic added for merging two adjacent levels of difficulty if there is no more than 10% of differences between them.
  • New comparison system to detect similarities between two distinct phrases (less than 25% of differences).
  • New warning added in the log file if a chordNote tag is not found for the fundamental note.
  • New optional parameter “-p” to overwrite the XML file content without changing its name (value “Y”).
  • New optional parameter “-t” to generate or not the log file (value “Y”).
  • Fixed bug : notes and chords may be missing on the highest level of difficulty.
  • Fixed bug : arpeggios are not generated by DDC if they are at the last position in the chord templates list.

Update v1.9 (10/01/2014)

  • New warning added in the log file if sections or phrases don’t start at the first beat of a measure.
  • Fixed bug : Wrong value in “count” attribute of the “phraseIterations” tag in specific cases.
  • Fixed bug : “ChordNote” tag may be missing in lower levels of difficulty for fret hand muted chords.
  • Fixed bug : Process may stop when loading XML file informations if a phrase is defined before the first section.

Update v1.8 (04/01/2014)

  • Arpeggios are now supported.
  • File path removed in the ramp-up model name for the generated comment.
  • Chord Templates are now fully described in the log file.
  • Fixed bug : The phrase “p0” was always generated even if no iteration of the phrase was referencing.
  • Fixed bug : Wrong categorization, if the last measure is not complete (based on the current time signature) and contains notes or chords.
  • Fixed bug : A few notes or chords are missing due to a bug in the sub-categorization process.

Update v1.7 (25/12/2013)

  • New “transcriptionTrack” tag management.
  • Now supports the DD remover functionality.
  • First phrases and sections are not generated if they are empty for the current arrangement.
  • First “COUNT” empty phrase iteration is added between the first beat and the first non-empty phrase.

Update v1.6 (15/12/2013)

  • Synchronize the first measure with the first section before generating new phrases.
  • Fixed bug : The last phrase iteration was missing in the generated XML file.
  • Fixed bug : Minor correction in the “linkNext” sequence management.

Update v1.5 (11/12/2013)

  • New “INFORMATION” status for log messages.
  • New validity check of the XML format.
  • New security checks about the time position of the first anchor and the first handShape.
  • ChordNote tag children are cloned for the fundamental notes in lower levels of difficulty.
  • HandShape endTime is adjusted when it is splitted due to a new phrase iteration.
  • Remove sustains parameter is set to “N” by default.
  • Fixed bug : Sections are lost if there are less phrase iterations than sections.

Update v1.4 (05/12/2013)

  • First empty phrase iterations are not generated.
  • Protect the loading of XML chords and notes when the last measure is not complete.
  • Anchor “time” value is adjusted for the first event of each new phrase iteration.
  • Chord sustains are now collected from the “chordNote” tag.

Update v1.3 (03/12/2013)

  • HandShape “startTime” value is now adjusted to the “time” value of its first associated chord in the current level
  • HandShape “endTime” correction
  • HandShape added for the first chord of each new phrase iteration if necessary
  • Chord notes added on the first chord of each new phrase iteration if necessary
  • Only the needed anchors are now inserted on each level of difficulty
  • Fixed bug : Wrong “chordId” was used in “handShapes” for lower levels of difficulty

Update v1.2 (24/11/2013)

  • Supports the Rocksmith 2014 Score Attack mode
  • Automatic difficulty selection for the three Score Attack levels
  • New “heroLevels” tag added for each non-empty “phraseIteration”

Update v1.1 (19/11/2013)

  • Auto detection of the Rocksmith XML format (2012 or 2014)
  • The following Rocksmith 2014 technics are now supported :
  • All new attributes on notes and chords
  • New “chordNote” elements under “chord”
  • New “bendValues” elements under “note” and “chordNote”
  • “linkNext” logic for combining several chords and/or notes in a complex note in RS2014
  • DDC now works with no “section” and/or no “phraseIterations”
  • Existing phrases in the input XML file are now used as subsections
  • Fixed bug : Wrong “chordId” was used for the lower levels of difficulty

Update v1.0 (03/11/2013)

  • New lightweight executable for Windows 32bit (command line tool)
  • DDC program totally rewritten in Tcl

Update v0.9 (21/09/2013)

  • DDC now supports all technics on the fundamental notes of the chords (palm mutes, bends, slides, …). You must first activate [Song][Rocksmith][Export chord techniques] in EOF in order to export these informations in the XML files.
  • Two new sub-categories (1 & 2) for category 8 in the default ramp-up model (to soften the rise of the first levels)

Update v0.8 (12/09/2013)

  • Sustain of the fundamental note of a chord was not generated if this chord was the last one of the tab (now it works)
  • Sustain correction wasn’t apply on all notes (now it works)

Update v0.7 (03/09/2013)

  • New more powerfull web hosting (but not free …)
  • New parameter to choose the length of the phrases (2, 3 or 4 measures)
  • New parameter to remove or not the note’s sustain
  • New parameter to configure the ramp-up model (* & **)
  • The transformation process starts instantly when the queue is empty

Update v0.6 (30/08/2013)

  • New leveling model with a maximum of 4 new notes or chords at each level transition
  • Up to 21 levels of difficulty for a phrase
  • In the previous release, palm muted effect was omitted during the generation of the XML result file (now it works correctly)
  • Phrases length can be set to 2, 3 or 4 measures (the difficulty highway bar doesn’t display when there are too many phrases; increasing the phrase length resolves this problem)
  • Automatic sustain correction for each note with length less than 1/4 of its measure (we can keep those sustains in EOF for future compatibility or different behavior in Rocksmith 2014)

Update v0.5 (26/08/2013)

  • Faster than v0.4 (less than 20 seconds for an arrangement)
  • Source XML files with only two phrases (“COUNT” and “END”) are now supported
  • When a phrase reaches its maximum level of difficulty, it is not written in the higher levels
  • Similar Chords templates was merged in the previous version and can loose some specific finger positions
  • “controls” and “phraseProperties” XML elements was omitted in the previous versions
  • DDC now supports chords HandShapes for single notes

Update v0.4 (20/08/2013)

  • Faster than v0.3 (less than one minute for an arrangement)
  • Now supports original XML files with multiple levels inside
  • “events” and “linkedDiffs” XML elements was omitted in the previous version